The esports audience is expected to reach 557 million in 2021. Investors and brands are acquiring esports teams and sponsoring esports tournaments to capitalise on the business opportunities that this booming industry has to offer. If you would also like to tap into this USD1.5 billion market, don’t miss the report by Newzoo on the Global Esports Market Report with a special focus on Asia region.

Takeaway of the Global Esports Market Report

For Investors – Should I Tap Into the Market? And Which Dimensions?

Game developers are expanding their business scope to esports. Financiers and asset managers are also acquiring esports teams and involve in the industry in various roles. Before meeting some of them and listening their sharing at the Forum, you may find out the esports audience growthrevenue streams, and the dimensions of growth from the Report. This may assist you to decide which part of the industry suits your investment preference. Download the Report now!

For Brands – Should I Sponsor Esports Teams/Tournaments?

Brands that are looking into sponsoring esports teams or tournaments as part of their branding strategies, you could get a glimpse on the esports audience growth, and Top 10 esports events in Asia from the report. Tournament organisers and teams would also share the branding and sponsoring opportunities at the Forum. Download the Report now!